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Friday, 21 October 2016

2005tinkers (Member)

Hello jammers here I am with a post with much pictures. Found them on October 21.

This is them advertising for an 'item generate' (Item generator) which is always a scam because that is impossible on AJ.

I went, this is how you 'enter'

I asked where we enter the user, in case it was another site.

I asked why must we give you my login info, as this is what 'user' means.

I said we could get scammed gifting.

I asked why he needs our pass.

I clarified.

I said that sounds like a scam.

Sure, buddy.
Then I asked why he couldn't give them now.

I told them it sounded fishy.

What that had to do with anything, I am not sure.
I told them I was an agent of the SWS.

Then a bunch of agents showed up and got locked out and asked me to ask them to unlock.

Then they realized that I was serious, and they panicked and backpedaled.

That is NO excuse for scamming.

Everything wrong with that picture of the chatbox above.
1. He is now going to troll other people, meaning he will scam.
2. He warned me against himself.
3. They said the SWS doesn't exist.
4. You are right, I don't make videos, but I can screenshot and make posts.
5. I don't care which AJ you where on, I believe I made a good point about this when I wasn't an agent in the comment section somewhere.

They then logged out.

Report them for scamming.

Status: None Harmed
(As I am not an idiot and did not give them my password)


  1. Okay, so. This IS my account under my parent email. I let someone use the account, then they changed the user, and I could never log on, I never knew they used my account as a hacking/scammer account.... I'm deathly sorry.

  2. so sadly, I used to own this account, it was hacked AND taken from me. I hate how they used it like this... :(