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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wolfierebel (Member)

Hello, moldy sponges, it's Vic with another post. Today I'm going to be writing about a scammer and their main account, wolfierebel. So today I was stalking Jamaa Township when I saw a New Jammer advertising, saying that they could double items.

Obviously this was very suspicious, so I arrived at their den and two other Jammers were there already. The New Jammer came in and asked who wanted their items to be doubled, and wolfierebel said that they wanted to go first.

Wolfierebel and New Jammer traded, New Jammer went on brb, and then they traded back with a supposedly doubled spike.

Sure enough, on wolfierebel's trade were two short green rare spiked collars. They popped another emoji before abruptly leaving. It was pretty obvious that they were the same person trying to make it seem believable, so I offered New Jammer an out of stores item to see if they could "double it".

Surprisingly, New Jammer said that they didn't care which one I wanted to be doubled. I decided I would trade them a Phantom Mask that I had gotten the same day to get proof that they were actually a scammer. I traded, they accepted, then locked me out. Typical. I suppose this means I was scammed, but really I knew what they were going to do, and I wasn't all too fond of that Phantom Mask.

Please report wolfierebel for scamming.

Status: 1 harmed



  1. Wut is with so many " I can double your items" scam lately?

  2. Why was the penguin doing the shocked emoji ⬇

    1. I think because the penguin was surprised to see that the item had "doubled".

    2. Ya probabably

  3. .... I'm a moldy sponge...?