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Monday, 12 September 2016

The 'Return' of Sparky67407

Well, this is going to be a Beta-Fire collab post, it seems!
After Sparky buddied me and another wolf, he locked beta out and informed us we had to trade for all the things on his trade list.

With the same caution of a regular jammer, I traded him another crappy RIM.

After I told him this blatant lie, I did the cry emote and sleep action (like a skrub) and he told me I had to trade him my rare head feather to win. I said there was no way i would do that, but he let me gather evidence a while longer.

Sparky kept saying I was winning, and the other wolf kept trading in hopes of directing attention to him. Then he decided to look at our dens, for some reason.

My den was next to empty, so nothing there. He came back, then just as I was about to inform him of my status as an SWS agent, he unbuddied both me and the wolf and locked us out.

In other news, here's a picture of a sombero otter with nothing to do!

-Fire & Beta

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  1. Sparky67407 the return DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!