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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tekkerzkid33 + rarespikemanxx (non-member)

Hey guys, Brave here, and today while i was trading in Aldan, I saw this guy saying "COME TO MY DEN IF YOU WANT YOUR SPIKES, BETAS, DEN BETAS, TO BE DOUBLED!" (By the way, when somebody says that they can Double/Triple/ Multiply, your items, it is ALWAYS a scam. So don't trust it.) Anyways, lets continue.

So, I arrived at the den and only one other person was there. That person was rare spikemanxx. I kind of wanted to see if the two were working together, so i said that i was going 'brb', even though i really wasn't.

So i sat there for a minute and then Tekkerz said "put on trade what u want doubled!" I still pretended to be afk.

WOW. This just proves that this person was being rude. You do
nt just lock somebody out when they're afk.
So then, I was locked out. But, I didn't want to give up, so i went back to his den.
This dude was still there, so at this point, I knew that they were working together. There were other people in the den, and rarespikemanxx was saying that he wnated his spikes doubled AGAIN (they said they wanted their green collar doubled earlier when it was just me in the den). 
Then, he pretended that Tekkerz actually doubled his items. I warned everybody in the den to not call them out, because we would get locked out immediately. I told Cerise and a few others to come help me with this dude. When Cerise and the others arrive, Tekkerz completely ignored them. 
Then, after a few moments, we were locked out for good. This proves that you should NEVER trust anyone if they say they're going to 'multiply' your items. 

Status: Unknown

Remember to stay safe and Jam On!

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