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Saturday, 3 September 2016

snowflakecake822 (Nonmember)

Hiya there, jammers! Agent Sky here with a scammer caught on August 20, 2016. I caught her hosting a suspicious giveaway in jamaa township, and promptly went to her den to get away from the accusing crowd.

At her den, I asked what she would accept for the collar, and got this:

My video recorder glitched out right then, so I wasn't able to get a pic of the necklace on her trade, but it was there. I then asked her if I could trade directly for the short, which she said yes to, but locked me out a minute later.

Talk about mixed messages.
I tracked her down to Jamaa, where she continued to do her little advertisement, and there was already a crowd forming around her warning people not to do it. I joined in and asked her if she had anything to say in defense of her scamming. She went completely silent, and eventually everyone except for one guy got tired and left. I kept asking her what she had to say for herself, and to come clean, but still no reply.

Then, this gal came up and said something that was pretty hard to understand, but I think she meant that snowflake accepted her trade:

Looks like snow here got a victim, after all.
 I told the wolf she didn't win anything, and sat there until the game logged snowflake out.
Maybe she got tired of scamming and moved onto something else... or just moved to an alt to get away from us. Either way, she's still a scammer, so please report her for doing so.

Status: 1+ Harmed