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Sunday, 11 September 2016

princessfluffy118 (Member)

Hello Jammers! It is I, Flint. I finally have a Gmail so I can POST! Anyways, I found this kiddo on September 9, 2016. I was looking for scammers and I came across this one.

This is him advertising for a gift exchange scam.

 I asked what he would gift back and he just said 'IDK'.

I asked him why he couldn't trade, and he said he had to 'pick the right thing' because that's impossible with trading, am I right? 

I then told him that he could trade because no risk of getting scammed. I gifted a crappy Rim and he gifted back, but it was probably just gaining trust. No pictures. Then I was bugging him and someone else was defending him. I didn't get any screenshots, but it was basically like 'HE IS TRUSTWORTHY I PROMISE'  'I GIFTED MY (I FORGOT) AND HE GIFTED BAACKK'
The guy said he could trade, so I left and came back with my alt. He left right after my alt got there, which leads me to believe he is scamming,

Report this kiddo for scamming.


(P. S. I don't know if I got enough evidence but whatever)

(Also 'they will' might have been the defender)

(Also join the religion of the Llama Goddess Flint)

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