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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lalaloopsie12345 (Non-Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is I, Flint! I found this kiddo on Sept. 18, 2016.

This is them advertising for a spike giveaway. They did have them, but still suspicious.

I went, as did MANY others. My system for screen-shotting stinks, so I only got a chat log picture.

I pointed out it was a giveaway, so why must we trade? (She said 'I got the wrong item' before she locked us, so I will assume it was something to the effect of a make me accept for the thing and she had to put a necklace on it)

Many folks called scam when they realized her methods seemed fishy, and she locked us. Shocker.

Report this kiddo for scamming.

Status: No one Harmed.

1 comment:

  1. Lalaloopsies (the doll not the person) creep me out, its like they're watching us. ^.^ #therewatchingus