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Friday, 23 September 2016

Goosebumps18 (Member)

Hello, Jammers. Flint here again, with a scammer found on September 23. Doing a giveaway scam.

This is where I found them and got my attention.

I asked how you enter. They talked about raffling. Still a scam, but cleverer then some I've seen.

I asked why we had to gift for a giveaway. Those are free. Said this.

Free giveaways are the point, dimwit. She then called the 'winner' and said it was 'Bear Hugs'.

That is her, she just hid. I then JAGGED Bearhug9, the 'winner', asking if he got his prize.

Yeeah. Report this kidlet for scamming.



  1. This should be the scammer anthem...
    Get it cuz you asked you ask a scammer will they ever give up scamming and they be like "Never Gonna To Give You Up..."

  2. These scams are getting cringier by the minute -akmlynx