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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Georgeyyy (Member)

Hey guys, Vic here with another post. A couple weeks ago I found this chick named Georgeyyy, and she has a lot of horrible excuses for scamming than average, so prepare yourself

So I saw her in Temple Of Zios advertising ye olde Best Gift Gets scam. So I confronted her about it and she sent me a very straightforward Jam A Gram.

Obviously I told her that I could just trade directly for the Headdress but of course she came back with the original response of:

I wanted to see her trade list, but because of the weird server glitch I had to.. ech.. buddy her. After adding her she went to my den and I looked on her trade and surprise surprise, an abundance of items.

After this I forgot our conversation, so bare with me.

So I got fed up and started calling her out on scamming. She didn't directly admit to scamming, but she did admit to this.

She then changed her look to show that she had a spike for some reason, as if that would make me want to send her my items even though I was promised a Headdress.

"I can['t] even see what's on your trade list"
Just more proof of her lying about being unable to trade.

At this point I just sighed in defeat and offered for the stupid collar. She babbled on about how I had to send her my items, so I asked if she could because I needed proof that she could actually send and receive items through Jam A Gram.

As shown above, I asked her to send me what's considered the least rarest item in the game: a necklace. But then she started objecting even to this simple request??

So then I decided to send her a worthless item and I told her to put it on, and of course she didn't.

By that time I'd say that I had gotten enough evidence to prove that she's a lying, filthy scammer. So I gave her this comeback

Then she just kept spewing out that damn phrase, "plz trust me". So I finally just locked out of annoyance after she tried to guilt trip me about not falling for her scam. 

Please report Georgeyyy for scamming.

Status: None Harmed


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