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Thursday, 8 September 2016

ekbrun1 (non-member) + cjtheaswomeboy (member)

Hello eveyone, it's Electro. I've been quite inactive lately but some recent events will cause me to actually want to be more active and make more posts. So here I go, I was in Jamaa when I saw this scammer advertise for a so called ''giveaway''

Then this kid decided "yeah no I won't be nice and actually do a real giveaway". So below you will see the scam put into action.

In the first picture it says ''just trade me bad then trade back'' So he basically wanted us to trade him something ''bad'' then he'd trade it back, and the best traded item got the spike. Literally one second after he said this some guy named cjtheaswomeboy (great spelling by the way) traded him something and then got his item traded back. Of course, this made me suspicious so I asked them too move at the same time, all of a sudden cj had to go ''brb''.  After all this happened, I called him out as a scammer they both logged off at exactly the same time which proves my point.

 Status: No one Harmed

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  1. This picture explains my feelings on this matter all at once.