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Saturday, 24 September 2016

coolwolf5u (Member)

Hello, Jammers, it is I, Flint, again. I found like 6 scammers today. Do I have Scammer Attraction sprayed all over me or what? Anyways, found this kiddo on September 24 AGAIN.
This is the giveaway ad that got my attention.

I went, and I got a chat log picture on how to 'win'.

Then she said 'Come on, Falcon (Me)' and locked me out for no apparent reason other then she just saw me scam catch.

I went back because she unlocked it. I told everyone there that she scammed, and then she said 'THE FALCON RUINED YOUR CHANCES NOW NO ONE WILL GET IT' and locked us. I had screenshots, but I lost them.

Sooo yeah. Report this person for scamming,

Status: Unknown


  1. Wow Flint ur on a roll

    1. Hey Flint here's ur theme song
      -akmlynx the original flints on a roll commenter

  2. Coolwolf5u is my friend irl, she has a yt account-Oliver567 I know this post is old but she doesnt scam and she never has,im not saying this post is fake, but i was facetiming her at the time this happend and she said she was trolling people, now im kinda confused, if anyone can talk to be about it, that would be great.. My user is Jammer239n5 :)

    1. I find this hard to believe for a couple of reasons.
      1. "she has never scammed" "i'm not saying this post is fake"
      2. "i was facetiming her at the time this happened and she said she was trolling people" Please tell me how you remember the exact date and time something insignificant like this happened, especially since our posts usually go up at least a few hours after we catch the scammer.

    2. I can get you in contact with her over animaljam, if you want

    3. I don't really care at this point since the post is over a year old.