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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

candy60 (Member)

Hello everyone, The Boat here with a member scammer I caught on August 19th.  People were already calling her out as a scammer, but I still managed to gather evidence.
Candy was doing a simple "gift4gift" scam, so I thought I wouldn't even bother to get screenshots, just give moral support or something.
 But when I asked her why we couldn't just trade for the headdress directly..
Obviously, I didn't fall for this, so I asked her how she could read 
if she was four years old.

Here's a picture of no one falling for this ridiculous excuse.
As the final nail in the coffin, I started walking Candy through how to trade.  But she claimed she couldn't see her animal's picture on the screen..

 And here's the kicker:
 If she couldn't trade, she couldn't have gotten a headdress in the first place.
 So, moot point.  After I stated that she simply didn't know how to gift, she logged off.
Report this poor girl for scamming, kids. I dont think anyone could fall for this.

Status: No one harmed.

-Agent Fire


  1. ''i don't think anyone could fall for this''. you gravely underestimate the stupidity of the human race.

  2. How ignorant do you have to be to fall for this? What does Candy think that the entire Animal Jam community are idiots? Not saying they are, at least the majority of them are not.

    1. Have you seen the picture Taco gave us on some fool saying 'Spike for Kids?' (Link Please) Scammers are not intelligent people.

  3. The three of us could read fluently at 4 years old.