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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Breezeofshadows (non-member)

Hi Jammers! Agent Light here with a scammer I caught on August 17th. Breeze here was advertising "Trade me trade I accept wins my outfit!" Thanks to one of our rookies, Bear3789 notified me of this scammer, so cheers to her for catching one of her first scammers! 

When I asked her why he couldn't trade directly and he responded by saying "Cuz I don't feel like it."

10/10 excuses. I proceeded to call him a scammer.

Oh ho ho, so you ARE a scammer. 

After that, he mentioned that he "doesn't give a crap if we say that he's a scammer." After I called him a scammer AGAIN, he said that we were two year olds and spewed out insults.

Kid, please. If you're going to insult me, at least insult me well.

And more :D. In the end, Breeze ended up leaving the room and getting offline. Report this guy for scamming.

and 10/10 for me photobombing the the lower righthand corner amirite
-Beta was here

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  1. And the best excuse of the year goes to..."cuz I don't feel like it."
    And best follow up is... The guy who admits he's a scammer to scam catcher. Thank u everybody and good night! -akmlynx

  2. Man you'd think aj mods would pick that up...

    1. aj mdos dont give a dang about they game

    2. Not wrong