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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

beeper (Member)

Hi guys! Vic here with another post. Today's scammer will be a user creatively named "beeper". Light and I were luring scammers in when we caught this girl. Our tactic was that Light would act as if she wanted an item of value to be doubled, while I would be taking screenshots whilst acting afk. When she came in, Light asked if she could really double her items, and she said that it was true. She then explained how she would "double" her items.

Of course this is a load of bull, so Light asked her to double a necklace first. Beeper accepted, went "brb" and left, then came back with a, uh, doubled necklace. Then on chat, I asked Light to trade her an item that's not in stores so she couldn't just buy one and pass it off as doubled. Light traded her a Heart Locket, and then Beeper told her this.

(Happy Happyhyena is Beeper, Lieutenant Hikingspirit is me, Mister Berryflower is Light and Eternal Templebrave is some unrelated background chick)

So basically, Beeper made up these excuses as to why she couldn't duplicate a Heart Locket and when we called her out as a scammer, she left. 

Please report beeper for scamming.

Status; none harmed



  1. 'Your not Bepper' did you expect that

  2. Thanks for cathching me guys ( its Beeper ) I was bitter because my red long got scammed so i wanted to scam too. Luckily, you caught my first attempt so nobody got hurt. Tysvvm