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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

vonjoy9 (Non-member)

'Ello everyone! Light here with a scammer Sonic alerted me about on August 24th. Also thanks to Agent Berry for helping me with this scammer. On the player tag, it says New Jammer, but her den glitched so it had her real username in the corner. According to Sonic, vonjoy was saying that she had a 'glitched' necklace on trade. We didn't get a screenshot of her advertising the scam, but she said that it was worth "lots of spikes".

Berry asked her to put a store-bought necklace on trade next to the "glitched" one, and we were greatly surprised that she complied.

If you zoom in very carefully, you can see that there is no difference, thus making her a scammer. I called her out and got this response: 

After screaming a few other things like that, she locked us out.

(Sorry about the not so lengthy report, I just have a ton of things going on right now.)
(its ok Light, mother still loves you patpat)

Status: Unknown


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