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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Update Notes 08/18/16

Hey Jammers! This is  a minor update, but there are still important factors.

First of all, we are implementing a new feature: the society Grand Monthly Review. This will summarize everything that happened in the society for that month. To name the main ones:

-amount of scammers/bullies caught and types of scams being used
-amount of active agents/agents who have quit or been fired and agents that are inactive

This is to measure any increases or decreases in society productivity, so we can find specific ways to improve. If any agent has any suggestions for more categories to review, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Next, we are retiring the role of 'society counsellor'. This is because no-one here is a health professional, and the title has misled people. However, this doesn't mean we are eliminating support; now it's just that everyone can help comfort you, but instead of seeing a 'society counsellor' you will be encouraged to see a qualified health professional (we can usually provide resources if asked).

In addition, the new two-chatroom system has so far encountered no technical problems but has an issue in that the no-swearing room is almost always empty. However, for the sake of our younger audience, we will be continuing to test it out, and will make adjustments in the future as necessary. We welcome everyone to come to this chatroom here.

And finally, a note from our Community Manager, Taco! The first ever SWS Movie Night was a huge success! We were planning on switching between Movie Night and Game Night every week, but because Movie Night was just such a blast, almost all of the Society agreed that we should completely get rid of Game Night, and do Movie Night every week! Every Monday, an announcement on what movie will be playing that week and what day and what time it will be playing will be made. I thank you all for making this first event after Cerise's retirement such a success, and I am excited to host many most fun events at the Community Manager of this wonderful Society!

Our society is constantly seeking to improve, and suggestions from agents will always be taken into consideration when shaping the future guidelines and policies.

Jam on and stay safe!

-Your friendly neighbourhood SWS council


  1. Replies
    1. I totally didn't stay up until midnight my time to publish this post right then

    2. OMG FIRST is for YouTube. Do not bring it into Blogger.

  2. You put so many exclamation marks! It gives the impression you're overenthusiastic! To the point you annoy everyone! And I get it's for PR! But it's similar to... AJHQ!!!!!!! :) :) :) BUY our DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Instead of having an agent of the month, wouldn't it make sense to do like 2 agents of the month considering there is 20+ agents which means if you did it once a month it might take 2 years and who knows part of us might not even be here in 2 years. This is just an idea. You don't have to use it u less you want too

    1. Well, the point of Agent of the Month is to spotlight one agent individually to make then feel appreciated. It kinda defeats the purpose to do more than one at once.

    2. Well, I mean, we don't have that many ACTIVE agents. Those who are active/do good work will have a chance to be voted for. If you're a lifeless, inactive dud, then you won't be on the poll.

    3. Hmm okay, I was just wondering!