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Sunday, 21 August 2016

smartcookienerd12 (Nonmember)

Hello everyone, Agent Fire here with a non-member scammer that one of our newer rookies, Agent Hazel, found at a giveaway.

Smart was apparently qutting AJ, so he was going to tell everyone to give them their rares for a chance at this list.. How do scammers logic again?

When Smart announced the trust-trading was beginning, AgentHazel traded the scammer the only item she had, a cheeze hat.

Hazel made her point about not scamming, then..

 The scammer said to the fox above "Congratulations, you win!" and then they locked them all out. 

 Status: 2+ harmed

Thank you to Agent Hazel for catching this scammer!

 (I procrastinated a lot on this, and the ending is very rushed. Sorry.)
-Agent Fire

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