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Friday, 5 August 2016

moonlights123 (Member)

What is uuuup, Scam Watchers Nation, it's your host, Killer Beeeeeeeeta with another scammer to report. Let's get riiiooooooght into teh newz!
So I was going out to roleplay and then I bumped into this chick. She was doing the "first accepted trade gets my 'soike' scam"

So I began questioning her. I asked why she couldn't use the trading system. She kept ignoring me and then I called her out as a scammer, and then she finally talked.

She claimed I didn't want a spike and then quickly left, seeing as many others began calling her a scammer too. That's all for now.

Status: No One Harmed

P.S. Cerise is going to fire you for that KeemStar reference.


  1. Bawt Killer Beeeeeeeeeeeetaaa u must be fired bc whynot also refenrance to k33mstaar is baad and illgegal and bsuefsblbeoljh