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Friday, 12 August 2016

mlp456 (Non-Member)

Hey guys! Brave here, and today Agent Pie (aka pinkiepie1a1) caught her first scammer! Agent pie is a rookie so I am posting this for her, but ALL CREDIT GOES TO HER!! Anyways, lets get to the scammer.

Mpl456 is a non-member that was saying that if you traded him one beta for his necklace, he would give you 10 betas in return. Almost 99.9% of the time, this is a scam. The other .1% is and EXTREMELY nice person that has no clue what they're doing. Anyways, whenever you see somebody say something that is related to this phrase in any way, its most likely a scam. So, Pie and I went to their den and waited for them to come.

Shortly after we arrived at his den, mlp456 entered his den. I pretended to be afk while Pie basically got information out of him. In the picture above, you can see that pie is asking the scammer why she had to trade for the necklace. His response was, "Its cooler that way". This clearly shows that he was trying to make it seem like he wasn't about to scam somebody, neither of us were fooled by him.

Then, Pie accused him of being a scammer, and we were locked out of his den.
In conclusion, if you ever see mlp456 in Jamaa, don't trust him, and be sure to report him. Also, thank you Pie for letting me post this for you! Congratulations on catching your first scammer!

Status: No one Harmed

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