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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

explore117 (Non-member) + clairahb (Member)

Hello Jammers, Skywalker here with a scammer that we got while recruiting agents a few days ago. This guy was one of the people who did not get in after the interviews, and he responded by saying he was going to go scam out of anger. Some people, I swear.

A little after this, I decided to go and follow him around a bit.

I went back to explore's den to listen to whatever backpedal he made and go along with it. He was a bit hard to understand, but I think his story was that his 'sister,' clairahb, either forced him to say those things about him scamming or tell me she was giving him items to scam.

 I asked him to lead me to his sister, which he did, and came right out with the question 'do you scam?' She said 'umm exlplorer help,' but her sibling simply replied with 'I spilled your secret.' She then said 'fine, I do,' which surprised me a bit, because I wasn't expecting to bust a scammer, just find something to do. I asked her to repeat her answer, and got this:

Welp, there you have it, jammers, clairahb confessed to scamming.
Please report her doing so.

Status: Unknown



  1. y does it say posted by salty seagull? i thought sky was posting this

    1. I created the post when I was putting in the pictures, but Sky wrote the rest of it.