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Thursday, 11 August 2016

crze2 (Member)

Hiya there, jammers! It's Agent Skywalker here with some kid who decided to do the classic "Trade good for glitched/magenta necklace" scam. A boatload of credit goes out to one of our newest rookies, Agent Dragon (rika345), for jumping right in the day she was hired and alerting me to the scammer.

Above is a screenshot of today's featured person, sporting their all powerful (and buyable) necklace on their trade. I told them I was willing to trade quite good for the item, and they buddied me and went to my den, to which I followed. I asked if they would accept my small collection on nonmember pirate swords, and with a bit of (fake) persuasion, they finally agreed.

I sent the trade, and they gave at least one confirmation (but probably the other one, as well), and thanks to AJHQ's not-so-new-anymore trading update, I was able to decline for my second confirmation.

Now you may be like "BUTZ SKYGUY MAYBEE THEY WERE GOING TO CANCEL AND TROLL YOU!!!1!!11," but hold that thought, kiddies, because after a little bit o' this, their response to my revealing I had video evidence:



 Some arguing:

And s'more o' the heatbreak emoji:

 I got them to come clean:

Yes, Mythical, I am very happy, thank you.
On second thought, maybe I wasn't. Giving someone the knowledge that their reputation is toast isn't always the most enjoyable experience.
But, eh, her fault for turning to the dark side.
Please report this gal for scamming.
Skywalker out.

Status: Unknown



  1. I think you're really interesting, Sky. Maybe we could hang out. ;)

    1. Reading my posts doesn't really teach you much about me...
      Sorry, bruh.

      P.S. You should form a fan club with SnowspotAj.

    2. Who's SnowspotAJ? Lol. Sorry if I creeped you out. :\

  2. Good job agent dragon :D
    agent izzy, izzycat206

  3. I've found a scammer, but I can't post it. :/