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Sunday, 14 August 2016

cottondolphin9227 + pikachucheif (Members)

(I had to take a screenshot of the second scammer after this event, as I never opened the player card during the video I took.)

Hey Jammers! Agent Pixyl here with my first post! Yay! Anyways, I was wandering around Jamaa Township when I saw cottondolphin advertising for doubling in her den.

Of course, I went to her den and played along, hoping to get more proof of this being a scam. When I arrived, I saw that two other people had already come to the den. One of them, Pikachucheif, insisted on going first for the doubling. After a little while, Cottondolphin arrived and asked if we could start. Pikachu and I responded with yes, and so it began.

Cottondolphin asked Pikachu to trade them what they wanted doubled, and they "did". The trade request looked like it went through. Cottondolphin waited for a moment after the trade to "let the item double", then "traded it back". Pikachu was very happy with her newly doubled item(s), and decided to sit there and watch the rest of the doubling. The other person in the den (username will not be disclosed; I will call them Super) became a bit worried about the doubling when it was their turn. They finally decided to trade, but Cottondolphin declined and told Super that only rare items could be doubled. Super then accused Cottondolphin of scamming and left, which made me the only victim in the den.

Cottondolphin told me to trade the item I wanted doubled to her. I picked out an unwanted rare and traded it to her, hoping it was enough to be "doubled". They accepted, then told me that it would take a few minutes for the item to be doubled. We waited for a little bit in silence, then Cottondolphin told me that the item was ready. Immediately after saying this, she locked me out of the den.

Pikachu had not been forced out of the den, further proving that they and Cottondolphin are partners in scamming. Soooo, yeah! Report Cottondolphin9227 and Pikachucheif for scamming!

Status: 1 Harmed

~ Agent Pixyl ~
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  1. There is a doubling glitch but it doesn't last and great first post pyxel

  2. cottoncandy9727 AJ15 May 2017 at 17:38

    Cottondolphin9227 is my friend so two of my friends play on this aj and i know they both are thoes kind of people that are greedy so ya :( im so sorry about them scamming D: