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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Calamity Corner - mewsrcool (Member)

Oooookay. Welp, it's Pixyl again... and this is probably going to be a very long post. 
Anyways. I was walking around Jamaa Township after switching worlds, hoping to find a scammer... when this guy popped up and started advertising for... well, I'll let the pictures tell most of this story.

This post contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


So. That happened. Course, I went up and was like "Uhm, this is a kids game." They ignored me, ran away, and went up to some poor tiger. They yelled out the person's name, the person is like "What??", and then....

 So, now it's blackmail and scamming as well. Wow, okay.... BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. I try to call them out again, and they finally decide to notice me...

 (Terrible attempt at hiding behind a tree.)

 So. They're now swearing at me. I inform them nicely that I'm going to post them online, they ignore me again, and then go up to another person.. and do it AGAIN...


 So at this point, I'm ready to explode... they've been very inappropriate, blackmailed/bullied two different people, attempted to scam, and sworn at me... BUT APPARENTLY THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. I'm now standing around, waiting for them to do something else I can report them for... when they disappear. And now there's someone in my den. I follow them in, and start to ask them what they want, when...

I inform them again that I will be posting them online, and they're all like "OH REALLY" and "WHAT'S YOUR USE" and


Yeah, I got VERY done with them at this point, bid them a very happy "Goodbai! :D", aaaaaand proceded to lock my den.

So, yea.... Report them for: 
1. Being a bully
2. Bad words
3. Scamming
4. Inappropriate behavior
(Literally over half the list of report options. *siiiiigh*)

~ Agent Pixyl ~


  1. why do i find the term ''IMA BEAT THE FRUIT OUTTA YA!'' so hilarious.

    1. Because fruit used in this term is strange. Also, AJ, the wonderful place of filter bypassing.

  2. How to make friends: walk up to a random guy and say "hey u" he replied "yea?" "IM GONNA BEAT THE FRUOT OUTTA U!!!" Umm ok?