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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Brindlenose (Member)

Hey Jammers! Vic (Agent Pyro) here with my first post on the blog. a couple days ago ex-agent Dragon came on chat talking about how their friend had been scammed by a Jammer named Brindlenose. However, she had no proof, so Sky and I went to investigate. Brindle was in her den and ignored us for a bit, before finally speaking. Obviously there was no way to catch her in the act the exact night, so I casually mentioned that I would like to see her scam.

So basically, she flat out admitted to scamming and actually offered to demonstrate with her alleged cousin. To make it even worse, she asked if I had any buddies she could scam.

As seen above, she would act like she got a rare, glitched item to scam people of rare items for something they could buy in stores. At this point the scam victim that Dragon had mentioned before had came into the den, and was begging for the orange long that Brindlenose had scammed. Brindlenose then sent me this Jam-A-Gram.

After this, Sky and I basically pressured Brindlenose into giving the spike back. Brindlenose apologized and got all mushy and crap, but I honestly think she was pulling a stunt. I don't have any screenshots of this, but I do have Sky's word to back me up. 

Please report Brindlenose and Arcticwo1flover for scamming.

Status: 1+ Harmed