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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

srs31 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was advertising for recruiting for the society at my den when I saw this girl advertising that if you sent her a pink and blue racoon tail, she would send you her outfit. I was busy advertising so I sent her a JAG asking her why we couldn't just trade for the outfit. She ignored me, so I asked again. She ignored me and ended up running away.
Report this girl for scamming. I promise there will be a longer post later.

Status: Unknown


  1. Hi Cerise, Im just a rookie, but yesterday, I caught someone scamming. They said they were "doubling" items. They used a spare telling people that they doubled nerd glasses. One of my buddies, Loudbubblegum, decided to do that with their tux. It got scammed and we were locked out. The person was an Eagle, and the user started with Brady. I mentioned my friends user, because you can TRY to question them. I say try, because every method is locked off unless you find them, and talk to them. Thanks~ Rookie Flufflepuff

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for going out and doing your job without us having to ask, you have no idea how many rookies sit around doing nothing until we go and bother them. I will probably go and ask your friend a few questions later today - if you see anyone who claims they can double your items, just ask them why they can't teach you how to do it yourself.
      If you want a better chance at exposing the scammer, be sure to take screenshots or video of the scene happening. You can learn how to take screenshots in the Mechanics study guide on the SWS Academy website, or at Thanks.

      AJSWS Council Member