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Friday, 29 July 2016

prettybaby1232 (Non-member)

Hello Jammers! This is Agent Skywalker, with a scammer found on July 29th, 2016. I saw them advertising that they were giving out a den portal that Appari supposedly gave them, which to me was pretty fishy (If you had gone through the trouble of acquiring an item from Appari, why would you trade it away?)  I said I wanted the portal, and asked her what I had to do for the item. Her reply was this:

Now she's asking us to trade her our good items for a den portal. This deal is getting worse all the time! (Lando quote <3) I told her we had no way of knowing the portal really was from Appari, and a person who had asked for the portal before me chimed in as well. I knew she wasn't about to hand over a screenshot of the trade from Appari, and sure enough, her reply didn't answer our question in the slightest.

If anything, she was baiting us to trade our items some more while sorta acknowledging the fact that we had no way of knowing she didn't go out and buy that portal at the diamond shop. Now was the time to say that the portal wasn't worth diddly squat, regardless of whose hands it was in previously, whether it be Mark Hamill, John Williams or George Lucas himself. She paused for a minute, then screamed "BUT APPARI HAD IT,"and called me a liar with some familiar song lyrics, punctuating the outburst with "YOU'RE RUDE"

Another super long pause, then she apologized for her behavior, claiming she had anger management issues (that's a new one). There was a lot more pausing from her, and she asked to be my friend a bunch of times, until I decided to come right out and ask her if she was lying. She stuck to her story for a little while longer, but in the end, I got this:

Really not quite sure what "He gave me and chair" means (maybe 'and' was supposed to be 'an?') but she did confess to lying about Appari giving her the portal. I was about to ask "So then you admit to scamming?" but before I could, she said "I have to go, bye" and logged out on me.
Welp, I guess that's that. She tried to bait people with a portal that could bring about rarity, but all anyone would have gotten was the cold shoulder from wiser folks. I believe her offer for friendship is sincere, and I doubt she'll be scamming again anytime soon, but just to make sure she learns her lesson, please report this gal for scamming.
Skywalker out.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. u have really stupid music on ur blog; change it

    1. Sorry you can't enjoy good music, but we're not going to change an entire playlist because one person doesn't like it. Nobody's forcing you to listen to it, and if you don't like it, you can just click the itty-bitty pause button right there. It exists for a reason.

    2. well it should already be paused and u shouldnt hate me for my opinion

    3. I'm not hating you for your opinion, I apologized that you don't enjoy it. Nonetheless, if you don't like the music, you can pause it. It's simple.

    4. i rarely listen to the music either annymous

    5. its just really gay only gay ppl liek it

    6. Assuming that 'gay' in this context means 'homosexual', please do not use the word in that way, nor should you assume stereotypes as such.
      I see no evidence that specific songs (on this blog) are only liked/listened to by homosexuals.
      Also, if you do not like the song, you can also pause it. We do not force our viewers to listen to the blog's music.

    7. no i dont mean homosexuals im just saying "gay" as in its stupid or dumb

    8. Gay (both meanings) however, does not mean dumb. I am afraid that you are incorrect if you think 'gay' people are stupid/dumb.
      It's also rather inappropriate of you to think that way, if you meant homosexual.

    9. Gay means nothing close to stupid or dumb. In fact, it means happy. We would gladly respect what you think of the music if you respect what we think of it. Calling it stupid is a very impolite and overused term and if you really don't like it, just pause it, it's not that hard.

    10. If you want to call something stupid, then call it stupid. Calling it something that has literally nothing to do with the meaning you're going for completely destroys your point and makes you look like a child who just learned what swear words are.

  2. gay isn't exactly a swear word..

  3. "but aparri had it"

    What the heck.

    I died when I saw this XD