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Monday, 25 July 2016

madowns3 (Member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Shimmer here with a scammer I caught on July 25th. This one was advertising that the first trade they accept wins a headdress. Of course, they didn't have one. As you'll see in the video, all they had on trade was a rare heart locket. I would have done my normal method of catching these scammers, actually trading them, but I didn't have anything I was willing to part with. So I asked them to show me the headdress, and they started calling me and a Jammer who decided to help me a liar and scammer. All I did was ask them if they could put the headdress on trade! In the end, I don't think anyone got scammed, as before they got offline they still had the locket on trade.

Status: No One Harmed


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Do you think we're stupid or something? You are aware that all comments have to be checked by a blog moderator before they're viewable by the public, right? If we thought Shiver's post didn't match our guidelines, we wouldn't publish it. If we thought Shiver herself was inadequate for the position, we would fire her instead of making a comment as an anonymous user on one of her posts.

    2. The comment has been removed because of the use of identity theft.

  2. Shimmer, don't let the imposter hurt your feelings

  3. How much you wanna bet that all of these impostors and spam commentators and random people on chat are Icy or something? Oh and BTW Impostor #3 (that I've counted so far)

    1. I honestly wouldn't be surprised, considering Icy a) faked an apology and claimed she wanted nothing to do with us and then went on to impersonate one of our society's old enemies, b) refused to admit it was her even though it was pretty obvious, and c) apparently thinks we're stupid because she makes 0 effort to hide her actions.

    2. Who is Icy? I'm sorry, I'm fairly new to this blog.

    3. It's story time. Get comfortable, this is a long one.
      Icy, or sixty58, was one of our agents who joined the society in late 2014. She was always a rather sketchy person, and I believe Agent Shiver even caught her scamming once or twice that same year.
      She rejoined the society several months ago. She helped us out, attended, events, worked at the community services, and came on our chat room regularly. She was soon regaining her image as a trustworthy figure until one day on the chat room.
      Zee, a very close friend of mine who used to be apart of the society, was hanging out with us on the chat room when she mentioned that she was gay. Icy apparently got an idea and suddenly started saying she was gay too, despite never mentioning it before.
      And then she would not shut up about it, despite never mentioning it before.
      She then tried to convince us that she was constantly being bullied, shunned by her parents and that she had no friends, despite never mentioning it before. We all just passed it off as her wanting some attention and ignored it, before it escalated.
      Literally 2 days after this incident, she came to us and started bragging about how she had a girlfriend. Yes, she went from being discriminated against by literally everyone to having a loving girlfriend. And oh, it doesn't stop there.
      This supposed girlfriend of Icy's was named Kishi. Kishi never came on the chat, she never came on AJ, or anything, so we were starting to get skeptical about her even existing in the first place. One day, Beta started questioning Icy about this and Icy's only reasoning behind why we should believe her was "BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!".
      A bunch of other uninteresting stuff happened, and one day Nafaria (a friend of the society's) sent us pictures of Icy trying to persuade her to help lead a rebellion against the society. Thus, Icy was immediately fired for treason, lying to council members, putting other agents in distress, and causing unnecessary drama (for attention).
      She also tried impersonating fangangel, one of the society's oldest enemies (who fell off the face of the eath 2 years ago), and refused to admit it was her.
      That's about it. I'd explain all of it but I'm too tired for that right now.

    4. All the non-2-years-ago stuff happened exactly in the 5 days I wasn't here. I came back, I'm an agent and Icy's fired.