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Sunday, 17 July 2016

janec3 (Member)

Hello everyone! Agent Fire here after a small hiatus of ~1.5 years. I was talking to Agent Flint in chat, and he sent me these pictures of a "gift me" scammer.

After Flint took a screenshot, he tried to question the scammer, but janec3 changed her call-out to "Send me short, I'll send you better short. 

She then began to advertise a giveaway in her den, which Agent Flint went to, along with 2-3 others.

She said that coolcool37, who wasn't present at the actual giveaway,was the winner. This might mean janec3 and coolcool are partners, but I'm not sure.

Flint asked Janc to JAG coolcool to see if she would come to claim her prize. janec3 said she did, but CoolCool never came.
Everyone started to call janec3 a scammer, and she proceeded to lock her den.

Status: 1+ Harmed

Thank you to Agent Flint for finding out about this scammer, taking screenshots, and assisting me in writing this.

Because all my existing banners are extremely outdated.
-Agent Fire


  1. Aaaaaand I exist now.

  2. Replies
    1. I think someone was advertising for people to over trade them, and that's why that was there. Or, it was some snob that was like 'I'm too good for your spike so yeah"

  3. I could've posted this. BUt eh, first post that I 'TECHNICALLY" did, because I got evidence n such. O rookie status

  4. Just now I notice that I'm a boy in this post

  5. Wow okay first of all my account is hacked rn and its been hacked since april twenty sixteen

    1. Your account has been hacked for over an entire year and you didn't even try to do anything about it..?