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Sunday, 24 July 2016

diamondgurl34 (Non-member)

Hey Jammers! Agent Shimmer here with another scammer I caught yesterday. This person said, 'Trade me if good u get spike!' They had nothing on their trade list for a sec, so I brought it to their attention and they put two necklaces on trade. When I asked then why not trade directly for the spike, they left, and when I tracked them and asked them again, they said becuz. "becuz it makes you feel good when you win" was their response. People started calling them a scammer and warning me not to trade them, so I asked diamondgurl to come to my den. When I asked them if it was a long, their response was "yes" then I asked if it was a black long, again they said yes. I kept asking them to put it on trade but they kept saying it was a surprise. Why was it a surprise what I'd get if I already knew what the supposed spike was? They left after they had enough of my asking, so I tracked them a few more times. Finally, they said "person who thinks I scale come to my den!" I didn't get it on the video cause I paused it, but I went to their den.

(First part of the video)


(Part two of the video)

When I arrived in their den, they said that they were trying to get a beta for their friend, that's why they attempted to scam me. I asked them to bring in their 'friend' assuming they'd bring in an alt, and I do believe that's what they did. They refused to move around at the same time when I asked them, and they were even taking turns talking. I apparently 'made them mad' so the alt left and diamondgurl locked me out after I said I was still recording. I tracked them one more time, and then they blocked me.

Status: Unknown

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