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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Crashingthegame (Nonmember)

Hiya, jammers... Skywalker here with the apparent storage of a very frustrating scammer. In Jamaa Township, I saw them advertising for a black long giveaway at their den (even though this account appears to be an alt or storage, if this one is banned, all the accounts under that email may be banned as well.).

This seemed pretty suspicious because of their lack of items on their trade, clothing items on, and achievements. Plus, I still have yet to witness a true black long giveaway. Upon going to the den, I saw four or five other people there, and Crashing asking for gifts.

Most of the people there were pretty smart and started yelling that he was a scam, and not to gift him, but Crashing didn't seem to care. I didn't get a screenshot, but one girl was even saying they had been scammed spikes (not sure if this is true or not). Me and one or two other people asked to see the spike a few times, and he finally produced a black long to his trade, which surprised me greatly.
A few people traded Crashing despite the others' warnings, so I assume he got some gifts in. But I guess that wasn't quite enough, because he tried to top of his haul by yelling that he needed one more gift, or else he would lock his den on us. Now this is pretty funny, because even if he had indeed planned to give away a spike that day, by locking the den, he would have scammed those whom already gifted! Talk about not thinking before you speak.

Despite his threat, the people who gifted didn't seem to want to give up any more of their items, and the 'SCAM' yellers hadn't changed their mind about him (with good reason, too).
Here I'm not sure what got into this guy, but a second later he said 'SEAL HAS WON' then immediately changed back to his threat. Like I said, I don't know why, but it did get the seal pretty exited. She asked Crashing to trade her the spike, but he ignored her and kept asking for one last gift. Then, they finally locked the den on all of us.

When we were all teleported to back to Jamaa Township, the seal was pretty upset about C locking, and did the mad emote a couple of times. Although I can't say she was never warned, since I jagged her that C was a scam and that nobody was getting the long after he said she had won.
Now here comes the part that makes my blood boil: C had enough nerve to come back to the place where he had just locked the people he scammed, and advertise for a new round of gullible and black long-wanting jammers to do the exact same thing to. I went back to the den, and saw that only one or two new people had shown up, and the rest were people who had just been at Crashing's last attempt. The seal made a second attempt at getting the black long, be he again asked for her to trade him another gift. Then, he said 'alright, ill do best gift wins.' This cracks me up again, because this is still a very obvious scam, if not an even more well known one than the last one he was doing. He must have sensed this or something, because he switched right back to what he was doing before. This guy really needs to make up his mind on things.
Then he again said 'alright, seal wins' and locked the den again, only the seal wasn't in Jamaa Township with the rest of us. He must have kept her behind to try and get the gift without us getting in the way. I waited for a few antagonizing minutes until they appeared and I could  find out what happened. Apparently, she had traded a very bad rare to shut him up and hopefully get the collar, but she was locked immediately after. I guessed this guy wasn't aware a certain scam catcher had been screenshotting them :)
Please report them for scamming.

Status: Unknown

P.S. Sorry for the super long last paragraphs!



  1. Out of countless giveaways, I've only seen one genuine black long giveaway. It was a person quitting and giving away all their long collars; they did raffles or 'first to say' contests.

    Yeah, the vast majority, probably like 99. 9%, of black long giveaways are scams.

  2. Or maybe the seal was like a pawn or something for 'em...