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Friday, 1 July 2016

Calamity Corner - Cuteworldaj (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. We went recruiting last night and this girl was one of the people who didn't get in the society after the interviews, and let's just say she wasn't very happy about it. If you want to see what she did, continue reading.

This post contains content that some viewers may find disturbing or inappropriate. View at your own risk.

She started by bringing in one of her friends and trying to frame me for scamming, I think? I'm still not quite sure what she was trying to do.

She then started telling me to kill myself. Because I didn't let her join a scam catching group on a child's game. Somebody needs a chill-pill.

After we got inside, she started calling me, or someone else, gay, which isn't really an insult, but apparently some children like herself think it is. She later followed us onto chat and started calling us faggots, but I didn't get a picture of it before Agent Beta banned her from the chat room. Diagnosis; butthurt.
Report this girl for bullying.


  1. This person is a *fizzy drink*

  2. It's(Username cant be bothered to share)*fizzydrink*2004 all over again (a buddy who stated I stole their party hat when they witnessed me trade a nature archway for it. Before that, they blackmailed me of several "rares" and called me a 5 year old table face. Even though it happened ages ago, I am never gonna forget that immature little brat. I wonder if they are the same person

    Meanwhile what the actual heck