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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

yass14 (Non-Member)

PC here with a scammer caught on 28 May. yass14 claimed the next trade they accepted would get a rare Spike. They did surprisingly have a Spiked Wristband, but they accepted someone's trade and ran away without giving them it. They went to another server to try the same thing, but when I appeared warning others it was a scam, they ran away to a locked den.

But wait. Did they get banned? When I went to search up their playercard for this post, this came up:

It's possible that AJHQ actually banned them! Either that or they changed their username, but I doubt they would bother changing the username of an alt because that process takes time.

That being said, they ARE an alt. However, they did have a Spike Wristband on the account, so they probably lost it, meaning it'll be harder for them to scam in the future. If they were short-sighted enough to use the same email as their main (let's face it, most scammers don't think ahead for their alts), it's possible their main account and other alts got banned too.

So...I guess you don't need to report them.

Status: 1 Harmed

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