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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

xxrareslover56 (Member)

PC here with a scamming account found on 20 June. xxrareslover56 claimed the best trade they accepted would win a purple long Spike Collar. They did indeed have this purple long, but on their trade list were 'junk' items. They refused to answer why they couldn't just trade directly, ran away whenever someone called them a scammer, and locked me out when I asked them if they had anything to say for themselves.

Later they Jam-a-Grammed me explaining that their friend had done it on their shared account:

I told them that if they share the account, they must also share the responsibility, and that they needed to have a talk with their friend to tell them not to do it again, which they agreed to. Therefore, it is the account as a whole that should be disciplined.

Speaking of the person behind the account, it has come to my attention that some people go and harass people who scam, whether directly or through Jam a Grams or Jammer Walls. It is NEVER acceptable to bully anyone, even if they are breaking the rules by scamming. By bullying them, you are just as bad as they are. Instead of harassing them, just report and move on, or, if you see them actively scamming, challenge their lies and warn people that they are a scammer. But do not insult them, threaten them with violence, spread lies about them, or anything else that may be considered harassment.

Report xxrareslover56 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. it wasn't me! i promise! my bff was on my account :( i changed the pass so she cant go on it!

    1. Your friend on your account is not a valid excuse for your actions. If it happens on your account, you take responsibility for it. You shouldn't be giving out your password anyway, so even if it was your BFF on your account, you're still breaking the rules.

    2. I'm glad you are taking steps to fix it, but unfortunately I have a duty to keep this post up. I do not blame you personally, but the account itself has a history that must be decided on by AJHQ staff as to what the next course of action is.

    3. pc you are the nice one. like cerise is the evil twin and you're the good twin
      - aparrifan5ever (iceypaw108)

    4. 1. Yes, PC is indeed nice.
      2. You're right! OMG how did I not realize how Cerise was evil before now?!?!
      Could it have something to do with the fact she spends a lot of her time trying to make this complete trash community a bit better?
      Or maybe the fact she's a very nice, funny, person?
      Or, I don't know, the fact she tries to bring light to the community of a game, and it literally negatively effects her mental health?
      3. Your user, I swear to god holy *fizzy drink*........
      Nice grammar

    5. thats mean. u dont like my user, iceypaw108?
      - aparrifan5ever (iceypaw108)

    6. Talking about he aparrifan part.

  2. They are a scammer.
    Proof :

    Comments they hid on goatjpg's page :
    Proof That they are xxrareslover56 in comments of this. :

    They are also :
    Proof of them in the profile comments.