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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Update Notes 21/06/2016

Hello Jammers! Cerise here with our new set of updates to the society. Agent Fem has stepped down from her position as a council member and has decided to become the council secretary. In a council meeting, she suggested several updates, many of which are added in this update.

For our first update, we have the badges. I know that a few updates ago we released the official badges page on this website, however, we have gotten no use out of it. After looking through the badges, we have decided that we will soon be rebooting the badges page and actually giving it a use. Along with this, we will also be adding quite a few new badges to the roster we currently have so that we can expand our goals on what this society actually does.
This new and improved badge system will also add prizes. After an agent earns a certain amount of badges, every badge they get afterwards will reward them with a small sum of about 750 Gems. And, if that wasn't enough, you also get bragging rights.
We're implementing these new features to help get older agents back into the game as well as encourage newer agents to step up and help out more in our community. This system will be implemented within a few days of this post being made if it isn't done already.

For the second update, we are finally getting around to recreating the meet the team page. Our wonderful secretary, Agent Fem, has decided that we should keep a record of all the agents and whether they're active or not so that we can finally keep a steady number of agents at the ready. We have begun work on a meet the team page and will be publishing it soon, so if you have yet to be added to the page and you are indeed an active agent, please leave a comment on this post.
Along with this, we are also planning on adding an ID system. Each agent will have an ID, a 6 digit code made up of a combination of numbers and letters. This code will be used to differentiate imposters in case we believe someone is trying to impersonate an agent or anything along those lines. This idea is currently a work-in-progress, so don't be alarmed if you don't have an ID yet. We will give out the IDs when we finally perfect this idea.

For the third update, we will be considering adding a new page to this blog - the update log. Every time something happens in the society, like an agent getting hired or fired, or if we publish a new update notes post, or even if we simply go out to do community service or we reach a pageview milestone, it will be logged on the updates page so that those who were not here for the updates, or agents that have been inactive and want to see what has changed, will be able to simply check the page and see what's been going on.

For the fourth update, there are alterations being made to the PCC (personal claim contract), or the society policies. This will call for the removal of one rule parents coppa email stuff, but it will also make for the creation of another rule:
If in any case you find out about a scamming team or another agent asks you to scam with them, DO NOT, under any circumstances, try and go undercover and deal with it yourself. Instead, get evidence and tell a higher up immediately. It is not your job to deal with them, and it isn't an unlikely possibility that you will simply blow your own cover.
This new guideline has been added to every agent's PCCs. Because of these changes, we are calling in every agent who has their PCC signed to come in and get it re-validated as soon as possible. If you have no idea what a PCC is and this is the first time you're hearing about one, then please read the policy page. If you don't even have a signed PCC yet because you presumably just signed up, talk to a council member and they can set you up.

For the fifth update, the society has figured out a new system for Agent Game Night, as well as a new event, Agent Movie Night. Every week on Fridays at 5:00 PM AJSWS Time, we will either have Game Night or Movie Night on the chat room. We will alternate between the two constantly so that we can have Game Night one week, Movie Night, another week, and so on.
In Game Night, the agents will gather on the chat room and play some games together, such as, Oregon Trail Deluxe, Transformice, or simply AJ Adventures.
For Movie Night, the agents will, once again, gather on the chat room YouTube video player and watch a movie together.
The first OFFICIAL Game Night will be Friday this week.

For our last update, we are adding yet another event every week. Taking the place of Agent Game Night's original timing, we will be hosting Mastery Club meetings at Cerise's den. During Mastery Club meetings, you'll either be put in groups or stay solo to complete challenges and tests. Completion of these challenges leads to rewards and badges. It's entirely optional to attend, but if you want to get badges, rewards, and overall get better at your job, it's highly recommended you attend whenever you can.

Enjoy the new updates!


  1. do only agents have an id

  2. Question: Is Flint an agent? If you told me I was, I probably missed it XD

    1. Question 2: What do I do now? Like when you're an agent what do you do then?

    2. Have you started reading the SWS Academy pages?

  3. Sounds good, loving all the updates! Really glad the Meet the Team pages coming back.

  4. Can't wait for the Meet the Team page to come back!

  5. Oh my gosh, you ARE making a Meet the Team page! :D
    If you need it, I started compiling a list of agents as well.
    Oh yeah, I'm Agent Pixyl, and I am indeed active. XP


    1. We never said she did scam, we said she attempted scamming. And it would be more helpful if you commented this on the actual post about her, instead of on a post that does not mention her whatsoever.