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Saturday, 11 June 2016

thebean234 (Non-Member)

PC with a scammer found on 10 June. thebean234 claimed if you traded them rares, they would gift a black long Spike Collar. Ignoring that a few ordinary rares are not anywhere near the value of a black long, they didn't have any proof of having one in the first place. When I asked them, they claimed it was on a storage account, but conveniently forgot what account it was on. When another person and I called them a scammer, they told us to 'chill', before fleeing offline.

Based on their achievements, thebean234 is an old account. They have achievements for gifting, but not the one for membership, which means they must have been around when non-members could still gift. They also have a few game achievements and ones for spending gems, so while it might be an alt, it might not be.

Report thebean234 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. lmao your the only one posting scams where all the other agents at???

    1. It seems to be only Taco, PC, myself, and sometimes Beta posting because we don't have many fully trained agents with posting privileges available. We currently have a batch of rookies being trained, so the post variety should be spiking soon.