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Saturday, 18 June 2016

sprite39 (Non-Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 17 June. sprite39 claimed that the best accepted trade for their Fancy Top Hat would win their long Spiked Wristband. They protested being called a scammer, but refused to answer the simple question of why they couldn't just trade directly. They and their presumed buddy started reporting me for 'stirring up drama' and 'lying'. They kept saying 'I'm not going to listen to anyone, just waiting for trades' but then whenever I warned others they were a scammer they immediately went back on that promise and screamed 'I'M NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!'. Eventually they just left to another room because 'there are less liars' there.

Have you seen the Daily Explorer post on scamming? Here's an excerpt:

sprite39 was doing exactly what AJHQ themselves has defined as scamming, yet they claimed not to be a scammer and went so far as to report me for saying so. How cute.

Report sprite39 for scamming.

Status: None Harmed



  1. I do not scam. Please take me off. I'll give you a spike wristband or HD if you do.
    from sprite39

    1. There is actual video evidence of you scamming on this exact page. I don't see how you're so innocent here.
      Plus, we don't just take people off our website, especially if they try and bribe us. It just goes to show how desperate you are to make sure that nobody knows you're a scammer.
      Lastly, considering you searched up your username to find this post so quickly, it doesn't really make you look innocent. If you really didn't do anything wrong, you wouldn't be so quick to search up your username and see if the evidence really was posted.

    2. Actually, I visit this website a lot.
      from sprite39

    3. I find that unlikely, but suit yourself.