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Friday, 17 June 2016

penguinpalace7 (Member)

PC here with a scammer found on 16 June. penguinpalace7 claimed if you sent them a den beta, they would send you a Worn. They ran away when people called them a scammer, but when I went to their den they continued with the supposed deal. They claimed if I sent them my two Nature Archways, they would send me their rare purple Worn. They claimed it was lagging too much to put the Worn on their animal, and that they couldn't put it on trade because their trading was disabled (but not their gifting, apparently). I asked them to prove they could still gift by sending me a Necklace, and they refused. They later admitted both their trading and their gifting had been shut off - meaning they were lying and therefore scamming.

They admitted to having lied - I think that's enough explanation.

Report penguinpalace7 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. im gonna kill u 4 saying dat i scam!

    1. Ooh boy, here we go.
      1. Threatening to murder someone is illegal. I'd watch what you say on the internet, or anywhere, for that matter.
      2. Considering you flat-out admitted to lying, I don't see how you're getting mad at us for saying you scammed when we also posted evidence of you scamming.
      3. You live nowhere near any of us, how exactly would you kill us?
      4. If you have murderous instincts that make you want to END ANOTHER PERSON'S LIFE because they called you out on doing something that's against the rules, you should really go and seek help, because that's the kind of thing that gets you locked up in a strait jacket.

    2. i never gave u permission to post a pic of me or anything of me online

    3. Yea, and we don't need your permission, because this isn't a picture of you. This is a picture of a bunch of pixels that represent your avatar.
      Posting a picture of somebody's actual face without their permission is illegal. Posting a picture of an avatar that represents someone, say, in a game, is perfectly legal.

  2. That's really dumb because nature archways are worth like 20x as much as a rare wot lol