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Sunday, 12 June 2016

catmittens1 (Member)

PC here again with a scammer found on 12 June. catmittens1 claimed that if you sent them a Spike, they would send either a light pink or a light blue Headdress. They refused to wear this light pink Headdress, saying it looked ugly on them, and then refused to put it on trade, saying they had already gifted it to their sister, amina45678. But amina45678 is nonmember. They backpedalled, saying they traded it, but just a few moments earlier they said their 'sister' wasn't online, plus there was no trade bubble in sight. Eventually, they got tired of people calling them a scammer, and said that if we didn't want the Headdress it was fine by them. They offered for us to Jam-a-Gram amina45678, despite saying they were offline. Then they fled suddenly. I followed them around, and they kept leaving as soon as they saw me. Finally, I cornered them, and when I asked if they had anything to say before I closed the video, they said 'why u stalking me' and then proceeded to mostly ignore us.

It's obvious they didn't have a Headdress in the first place, and that amina45678 doesn't have one either - even if they are a separate person's account, Even if they did, if someone gifted them a Spike there is a 99% chance they would not get anything in return.


Report catmittens1 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


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