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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Calamity Corner - Jooniebug (Member) - A Very Special Calamity Corner

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. I'm just going to cut to the chase here since I've been having a bad day and this girl hasn't been making it any better. One of my friends on deviantART got blamed for encouraging someone to commit suicide, which, you guessed it, he didn't do. He's been having a pretty rough time because of this if you couldn't guess. This girl then complimented his art on his Jammer Wall, and proceeded to spam it with emojis. He kindly asked her to leave him alone, and she then started reporting him, lying to his friends about him (I'm assuming that's what the whole suicide encouragement thing was about), and got all her friends to report him.
Jooniebug here then decided that she should attempt to apologize to my friend here by commenting on his Jammer Wall. This was their entire conversation.

After that, I went on Joonie's Jammer Wall to start explaining to her how my friend has actual problems and she should just leave him alone, when I noticed she had left a note for him on her Jammer Wall. This is the note in its entirety:

So, get this. She asks why she needs to leave him alone, even after he explained to her that he's sad for most of the day and he simply wants to be alone. She then claims that she actually thinks he's very cool, despite not knowing him at all, and then says that she is crying. After that, she claims she "never wanted to hurt his feelings", despite her attempting to turn his friends against him, shaming him for something he didn't even do, and getting mad at him for his mental issues.
And to top it all of, she says that she wants, no, she NEEDS to be his buddy, and if he doesn't buddy the same persom who abused him, she will be sad and then STALK HIM AND HARASS HIM SOME MORE. This is just inexcusable.
This is the exact reason that I hate the entire AJ community.

Please report this girl for bullying. Don't attack her, we don't need any more drama. Just report her and be done with this - I want justice to be served.


  1. I'm so *fizzy drink* done with *fizzy drink* like her, like you can't *fizzy drink* get *fizzy drink* anywhere without seeing *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* creating a bunch of *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink*. This is a *fizzy drink* all time *fizzy drink* low for the community and suicide is no *fizzy drink* joke and holy *fizzy drink* mother of *fizzy drink* am I really *fizzy drink* *fizzy drink* with people like her.

  2. JoonieBug is a *fizzy drink*

  3. She is really rude, but she never said that she would stalk him, she said she would BUG him. There's kinda a difference. Also, this isn't a scammer, Cerise.

    1. No *fizzy drink* it's not a scammer.....
      We've been posting bullies for like, well over 3 months now.
      And you are clearly a reader of the blog to know that, because you know Cerise's Agent name....

  4. This is the exact reason that I hate the entire AJ community.

    Bit harsh, don't you think? No offense..

    By the way, I'm not trying to hate, just giving my honest opinion.

    1. Not speaking on behalf of Cerise here, but I absolutely DESPISE the majority of the community, so I'll reply as if that question was directed at me.
      Not a bit harsh.
      An understatement if anything.
      If you don't think the Animal Jam community is the embodiment of cancer, you haven't experienced it much yet.

    2. Actually, I absolutely understand what she meant by that, but the ENTIRE community? I have experienced it alot. One girl told me to go die in a hole, just because I didn't accept her trade. Again, not trying to hate, just my opinion.

    3. I don't think Animal Jam started out this way, but the admin obviously did not think that their players would get riled up over items this much.
      Now the whole game is mostly item-centered, and AJHQ (has no option but to) play(s) along with it. To be honest, I think the game now is not about the environment/conservation, but rather providing another input to earn money from.

  5. Hello. This is 'JoonieBug's ' mother.I would prefer if you remover her from your website, as I found her crying in her room. She then proceeded to ask me if she was a 'bad person.' When I checked her Internet history, I found this page. Unfortunately, she is going through alot right now. I understand she needs consequences, and I will punish her for an adequate period of time. Thank you for your time, but please consider removing this page. I understand if you decide against it. Thank you,


    JoonieBug's mother.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for taking an interest in our website. We have read your message and discussed the best course of action to take.

      We decided not to take the post down, however. This is because of several reasons. The first, mainly being, the posts are there to alert the general community to watch out for the user(s). Thus, it was written not for the 'punishment' of the offender, but rather for awareness. Think of our website like a criminal record - we gather evidence of how the incident occurred and take notes on it, and then publish it so that the public can be wary.

      Second of all, as we have encountered situations like these where one appears to be an older guardian of the offender, we cannot be exactly sure what is true or not. We wish that you do not take offense, but it is protocol for us to question comments like these, so we must be skeptical.

      We hope that this resolves the issue to the best of our ability. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Have a nice day,

      AJSWS Council Members.

  6. hi this is jooniebugs friend from like 2015 or something i don't even know lol but she was like this really good friend of me and yea and she told me a lot of stuff but she never told me this. i quit aj awhile ago and then i found her in my den waiting. she told me that she had an account on something that she wanted me to check out (im going to keep it anonymous) and i searched up animal jam jooniebug and found this. after thoroughly reading the whole thing i asked her about it. she was confused and searched it up and read it. she said i never saw that before no one told me about it and rustycats and me are friends now. im not really sure how but in one of her posts she showed a video of her buddy list being open and i saw rustycats in there. honestly im not sure how he forgave her but whatever. then i saw this one comment by some anonymous person saying they are her mother, and i toldher. she was like what the heck and read the comment and said that its not her mom bc her mom never knew about this. idk if its true tho. but ithink she got banned or changed her username bc a while ago i saw her user not on my buddylist and i searched it up and the account that i found was a new jammer account with no achivments. ye and i think rusty changed his user too bc the user rustycats is now the same way (you guesed it, a new jammer acc) and ye. anyway thanksfor reading idk if my friend still plays but if i get her username i will not tell bc she has a very rough life, although this whole thing is disgusting to see but she rely has a bad life even tho rusty prob has worse problems.
    love and kisses,
    anonymous friend lol