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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Some Announcements

1. I'm back!
Yes, yes, I am aware that I have been on a long hiatus on posting, but I'm back. I won't be posting as often as I used to, but I wll try my best to post frequently. I'm going to highschool next year, though, so I may not post as much then. But for now, I'll make use of the summer time and the 16 days left of middle school I have.

2. Policy Claim Contracts
Agents! Your PCCs are due either now or in the near future. If you have not signed a PCC yet, contact Cerise, preferably via the chat box, and she will interview you for information that will be stored in the database. A council member will reply to your comment/pledge in the comments of the Policy page if your PCC has been sealed.

3. A Self-Insert Advertisement

If you wish to be a part of an Animal Jam based roleplay, but you simply don't have the time to continually get on AJ and roleplay live with other people, then Bottlenose Brigade is for you! This is a fun, interactive roleplay made by Cerise herself that is based off the Animal Jam underwater adventures - specifically the Bottlenose Brigade from Turning the Tide - but with twists. Your goal is to complete quests, defeat your enemies, and protect Jamaa's oceans from the phantoms and other threats. You can level up your character, buy upgrades in the upgrade shop, train new skills and abilities, and attend raids of enemy bases. There's also a side roleplay if you want to freely roleplay with your friends and other members of the Brigade. You can also explore in Crayfish Cove to find treasure, or take whirlpearls from the whirlpearl clam, which you can then use during roleplay. There're lots of things to do there. You can create your character with their own unique personality and join now. There's lots of fun on the roleplay! If you're interested, the link to the roleplay is here. You can sign up on the "about" page. We hope to see some new members of the Brigade!
For a limited time, new members that sign up for the roleplay will be able to claim their free Roleplay Beta Tester pack, which contains 30 experience points, a free pet egg, 500 gems, and 3 antidotes to use in roleplay.