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Sunday, 29 May 2016

sinai201 (Member)

PC with a scammer found on 24 May. sinai201 claimed that if you sent them a Headdress, they would send four black long Collars in return. They said they 'don't like to show' their black longs so they refused to prove they had them. They protested being called a scammer, and called us 'mean'. Eventually they ran away. When I followed them and asked what they had to say for themselves, they ran to a locked den, presumably their own, and shut off Jam-a-grams.

You should have been able to figure out that they do not actually have four black longs; in fact they probably don't even have one. Even if they did, if someone sent them a Headdress they would not send any Spikes and would instead run away with the tricked-away item.

I think most people with Headdresses are at least moderately scam-savvy, because I've never seen anyone actually send this type of scammer anything. This was no exception and they do not appear to have gotten anything at all except a place on this blog.

Report sinai201 for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed


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