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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

mightylveme (Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC here again with a scammer I caught on 7 May. mightylveme was claiming that whoever sent the best gift would win their Headdress. They refused to respond to our questioning (e.g., 'why not just trade it directly') and continued to advertise, putting a time limit on it to pressure people to act on their impulses when sending gifts. Finally, they declared momslove777 (a user who was real, but not in the room) to be the 'winner' and disappeared while still wearing the Headdress.

But wait - if they declared a winner who was a valid, separate user, isn't there like a 1% chance they might be legit? Well, I tracked down the supposed 'winner' - momslove777 - to interview them. I asked if they had entered a Headdress giveaway, they said yes, but proceeded to say 'I didn't win' and 'I never win'. I asked them to clarify in order to get a screenshot:

There you have it. That's pretty undeniable proof that mightylveme is a scammer - their 'winner' didn't receive the Headdress and didn't even know they had 'won'! 

Please report mightylveme for scamming.

Status: 1+ Harmed


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