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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Heyboo2003 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. A few days ago, I caught this girl claiming that the next trade she accepted would win her entire Animal Jam account. When asked why she was quitting AJ, she claimed that her parents couldn't pay the bills, which makes no sense, since she already has a paid membership and it costs nothing to play AJ.

I asked her why we should have to trade her to win the account if we're going to get the account anyway, and she claims "idk so i can know my last trade was worth it". Considering she started her sentence with "idk", I don't think she was very confident about this answer. Plus, I don't think making your last trade "worth it" would matter if your family is going bankrupt.

After I called her out on scamming, she began backpedalling and claimed that she was making a video which was intended as a joke about how scamming is bad. I give her kudos for such a unique excuse, I've actually never heard this one before, but too bad for her, it was also the worst excuse I've ever heard.
Firstly, how is the video a "joke"? All she did was attempt to scam someone, I don't see where the joke is here. Secondly, you can't just do something against the rules and then say "IT'S JUST A PRANK BRO!". For example, I can't just break into someone's house, steal all their money, and then when the police get there and apprehend me, I just say "DUDE IT WAS JUST A PRANK" and expect to be let off. That's not how the justice system works.

After I told her I has pictures and was making a post, she completely trashed the idea of the entire thing being a prank and went through an entire rollercoaster of emotions through a Jam-A-Gram train.
It started by her saying "got no friends huh?!", which was clearly intended as an insult. I told her I actually had quite a few, if this society is any indication, and she replied with "I WAS JK GEEZ". If this is the extent of her "humour", along with her joke about scamming, she's not very witty.
She then said "i like you you're funny", despite her just insulting me and claiming it was a joke. Plus, flattery doesn't work on scam catchers.

She ended up saying she had to do something and left, not coming back.
Report her for scamming.

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  1. Well that girl was just lyin like a lying llama.

  2. Hey guys. I'm being admitted to psychiatric inpatient, so I won't have internet access for around 5 to 10 days. I'm going to miss you. Take care.