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Monday, 23 May 2016

fify25 (Non-Member)

PC here with someone found on 20 May. fify25 advertised to go to their den if you wanted to 'share acts'. When I went to investigate, I informed them that passwords are personal info and therefore sharing accounts with someone you don't know is against the rules. They mostly ignored me, but at one point said ''why are you being like this, I [will only share my own account not yours]'. Well, it's still against the rules, and you can still be harmed because any items you put on that account will be stolen and sent to the main account (there were few achievements so I doubt it was their main).

I kept warning everyone else not to do it, but fify25 eventually got tired of me and locked me out. There was still at least one of the targets in there, though, but I can't be sure if they actually shared accounts or not. 

Remember, do not share accounts with anyone you do not know very well, and even then use caution. They may take any items you put on that particular account, change the password on it, or even get the account banned on purpose in order to troll you.

Please report fify25 for scamming.

Status: Unknown



  1. Pineapples are disguisting

    1. 'Uranium Pineapple' comes from the Chicken Smoothie pet name generator. (I don't like pineapples either, so I feel you.)