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Sunday, 8 May 2016

eliserocks72 (Member)

Hello, it's Agent PC here again with another scammer. eliserocks72 begged for someone to let them 'try on their long [Spiked Collar]', promising to give it back. As I hope you know, this is a scam - one of the oldest and most obvious ever.

I called them a scammer, and they claimed they were just 'poor' and just wanted to feel what it was like to try it on. 

I suggested to them to play Best Dressed, which lets you create outfits with various items including long Spiked Collars of many colors. They ignored that statement, of course.

Then they called me a bully.

They claimed I was 'really hurting' them.

They claimed they were 'recording who [was being] kind'. 
However, a search for 'eliserocks72' yields exactly zero results on both Google and YouTube, and does not bring up anything even remotely Animal-Jam-related on Bing, so I highly doubt they were recording.

They continued to reiterate that we were being the mean ones, then proceeded to ignore us.

I stuck around to observe them, and it seems no-one sent them anything - as previously mentioned, this scam is very old and very well-known.

Remember, if a stranger, or even your best friend, asks to borrow an item, they are NOT going to give it back, so please don't go around lending items to anyone who asks, and just tell them to try it on in Best Dressed, because you're probably never going to get that item back.

Report eliserocks72 for scamming.

To end off this post, another edition of Scam Catcher Confessions..
"Sometimes I'll ignore an agent when they ask me to come and take pictures/record for them."
-Anonymous Agent
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  1. Sometimes i get annoyed when only peoples of a higher rank can do something, no matter how small.

  2. My daughter had this happen to her and lost her spiked collar, which she had been very proud of after getting it by trading fairly, she is very upset because she thought she was helping someone and ended up losing out. Is there anyway to report this to Animal Jam moderators and why on earth is this allowed to happen, surely if they should only trade items then this should be built into the software?

  3. It was a joke lol

    1. I don't know who you are or what you're referring to, but alright.

  4. after all these years i finally got somebody's long -eliserocks72 i apologize for nothing