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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

cat7079 (Member)

Hello Jammers, Cerise here. This girl was advertising for a trust trading party at her den. I told her that there was no point in trusting because people like her couldn't scam with it anymore, so she then decided to start pulling the "gift me and i'll give it back scam", which is clearly a scam because there's absolutely no point in giving a stranger an item who claims they'll return it.

I called her out, saying it was also a scam, and she started saying "you're just scared i'm going to scam you" and she even started calling me a wimp - because I told her she was scamming. But wait,t there's more. After another person and I started confronting her, she claimed she was reporting me. She didn't say why.

She then proceeded to run away. Report her for scamming.

Status: Unknown

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  1. The 'reverse reporting' thing is pretty common unfortunately. But on the bright side, for all the times people have said 'I'm telling AJHQ', 'I'm reporting you for everything', 'Everyone report politicallycorrect', I've never gotten even a single disciplinary action as a result of reporting (have gotten a filter autoban, but never a reporting based ban).