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Monday, 2 May 2016

Calamity Corner - rosiebean100 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I logged onto AJ and was spawned into Crystal Sands, where I saw a mob of Aparri fangirls screaming about how he was here just a few minutes ago. Amidst the chaos, I quietly said, and I quote "I don't understand why Aparri is so famous, he hasn't really done much for the community". Now, I usually say these things around mobs of fangirls in an attempt to get a rouse out of them, and it's usually just a few people and I having a laugh, but this one girl, rosiebean100, was relentless.

She called me an "illegal Jammer", whatever that means, and went as far as to say that everyone hates me, which obviously isn't true, considering the amount of people who choose to spend their precious time with me. We got in a bit of a verbal fistfight as she continually screamed insults at me, called me a stupid person, and called me a hypocrite multiple times, even though I did nothing but state reasons as to why she was wrong/back up why I didn't like Aparri/award quick comebacks to her insults.

She claimed she didn't care about me, which is a lie because she was going out of her way to make sure that she was insulting me and making me feel bad about "insulting Aparri", by saying I didn't like him (despite me clarifying that I have nothing personal against him, I just don't understand why he gets so much fame). 21st century, folks, what a time to be alive.

She said I needed a life, to which I responded that I already had one, and it consisted of more things than obsessing over famous people I'll never meet myself. She was silent for a few seconds, thankfully, and no other Aparri fans nearby joined her side. In fact, most of them were coming to my side and telling her that "we all have opinions" and "i like aparri but she's allowed not to".

She even said that she was going to tell Aparri that I said I didn't like him, which is stupid because a) What's she going to say? "HEY APARRI SOME WASHED UP CHICK ON AJ DOESN'T LIKE YOU". Yeah, I'm sure he's going to care a whole lot, b) Aparri doesn't reply to comments unless they're from someone he knows personally, and c) What makes her think Aparri would care? Like every famous person. Aparri is aware that he has haters, do you think he's going to care if ONE PERSON he hasn't even met before doesn't like him?

She ended up leaving for unknown reasons and didn't come back. Report her for bullying.

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