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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Calamity Corner - renren175 (Member)

Hello Jammers! Cerise here. I was hanging around in one of the Jammer-hosted parties when I saw this girl insulting a non-member. Her insults were really stupid (apple head), but I'll show you them anyway.

She changed animals and moved, so I went up to her and confronted her. She claimed that the non-member said that members were mean, which, although it isn't a nice thing to stereotype, surely isn't a reason to insult someone.

I started trying to talk some sense into her and this is what happened. I'm not even going to try and narrate what was going on, so here's a compilation of pictures I gathered from the scene.

(she changed into her giraffe)

Wow, big girl using her swear words, how mature.
She also claimed she was in 9th grade and knew how to drive, to which I responded by asking why she was spending her time insulting people on a children's game instead of studying for school - she didn't respond.
She also claimed she knew who my mom was and was calling her. I lied and told her my mom was on a vacation in Mexico and told her she would have to pay for the long distance, and she was still content on paying for the long-distance.

And after it all ended, she said this...

She claimed that was all some stupid roleplay. You know what I say? That's a load of *fizzy drink*.
Report this chick for bullying.


  1. Honestly? 'I'm older than you?' That's no excus, because a.) Older does not mean maturity and b.) Older people can do unwise things as well.
    Also, you're not supposed to drive in 9th grade. The oldest you could be is 15, and you have to be 16 to get a driver's LICENSE. Unless, of course, they failed a grade, which is nothing to brag about.And yes, high school is plenty busy, with clubs, tests, and homework. Homework everyday, espcially in math.

    I came upon the same argument in Transformice a couple of days before, in Room 6 with a shaman that was trolling us by blasting us with cannon balls.
    I expressed my opinion saying that I didn't like it when people do that, because I personally find it annoying (after all, there's a Survivor room for a reason).
    Someone else came and said that trolling is allowed, which I agreed to, and then expressed my opinion again.
    A bit later, they asked if I knew what AP is. Before I could reply, they said that it meant college courses, and they were taking 4 of them, so thus, they implied that 'they had the upper hand/right view of the argument', because they were 'smarter' than I was.
    I replied with 'You say you are intelligent because of the AP courses, but you fail to realize that intelligence comes in many forms. And besides, there is no AP course in trolling.'
    They didn't reply, and after a minute or so I left because my dad had to use the computer.

    Which goes to show that maturity does not mean intelligence, or the right course of action.

    "Each generation believes itself to be more intelligent that the one that comes before it and more mature than the one after it."

    It looks like that quote has quite a bit of truth in it^

    1. Your comments are always so long and sound like a philosopher. Not that I don't like them, but they're so looong.