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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Calamity Corner - animallove45 (Member)

PC here with a rule-breaking player found on 20 May. Basically, everyone in Township was minding their own business, when animallove45 came along and started screaming that Straw Hats were the rarest item in the game. I told them that wasn't correct, and that those were only considered rare because of demand. They got mad at me, claimed to be 14 (personal info), said they had played since the beta days (no proof of this), and once again incorrectly stated that Straw Hats were beta (Straw Hats were released in 2014, while beta testing was in 2010). This misinformation alone isn't enough to get a Calamity Corner post, but then they started losing the argument and resorted to swearing.

They told me 'FG U', a clear filter-bypass for '*fizzy drink*'. They did this not once but twice: the first time was when I sourced the Wiki for Straw Hats not being beta, the second time was when I told them they were immature for cursing at me.

I informed them that they were going on the Scam Watchers Society's website, and then they ran away.

Report animallove45 for bad words and possibly personal info.



  1. 14 year olds wouldn't go around yelling like a little kid. (though some can be immature, school experience DX) The jammer here was most likely 5

  2. What? You won't believe me but I am honest that is not me! I don't think people should be swearing and I am not 14. It sort of makes sense that a few days later I was hacked. I did have a bad password at the time I earned the straw hat. I actually came on here to report all the bad jammers. I am honestly sorry that this happened. I do hope you honestly believe me! If you understand then big thanks! Just remeber, I am against swearing and I am not 14!

  3. Omg. I honestly don't understand! I got hacked a few days after this was posted. You won't believe me but, cross my heart and hope to die this is not me! I am against swearing and I am definitley not 14. I can confirm that. I would never spread personal information about my self either. I wish I had proper proof that this was not me. My only proof is, I got hacked about 2-3 days after this. I am honestly so sorry although I am not to blame. If you understand, big thanks!

    1. I understand, but the post is not being taken down as we have no evidence it wasn't you.

    2. I understand, but I would never do this but Im really upset incase I get banned for someone doing this and them thinking it was me. I am actually almost crying at this but I cant blame you it just makes me upset :(

    3. We're sorry you've gotten banned, but I doubt that removing the post will fix the issue, as AJHQ is likely totally unaware of it.