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Saturday, 14 May 2016

cakezz (Non-Member)

Agent PC with a scammer caught on 13 May. cakezz claimed that if you sent them a trade and accepted both confirmations, they would decline their confirmation. This appears to be a modern spin on the 'decline-all-trades' scam. As you should know, this is a scam because once they get something they like they will accept it and run away. Anyways, attilababy claimed that they had declined a long pink Spiked Collar, but another player claimed that cakezz had tried to accept a black long Spiked Collar. cakezz became very upset and protested being called a scammer. When asked what the point of trading was when they would just decline anyways, they said 'I like trading'. However, they refused to answer why they wouldn't trade FAIRLY. I don't think anyone fell for it, and a lot of people were calling them out as a scammer, so cakezz eventually gave up and ran away.

Now, you may be thinking, cakezz is probably an alt, and attilababy is probably their main. However, cakezz has many achievements, including having had membership in the past, and attilababy also has many achievements and currently has membership, as well as having Spiked Collars. It is still a possibility that cakezz is an old account and they switched to attilababy after a while, because cakezz does not seem to have any valuable items on, but evidence is still weak. Either way, atillababy was defending a clear scammer, so watch out for them as well. They might not have even traded their Spike in the first place and was just lying, but because you can't see other people's trades it's impossible to tell. In short, I'm suspicious but can't make an accusation.

Everyone thought that scams were eliminated by the trading update, or at the very least trust-trading and decline-trading were eliminated, but apparently not. The mental gymnastics people will do to get imaginary items on a frivolous internet kids' game is astounding. Watch out for this scam.

And of course, please report cakezz for scamming.

Status: No One Harmed



  1. I lost my trading and gifting = no scamming today for me!

    1. ^ I almost wish it was, it'd be sad to see more scammers lurk around our website.

    2. i was about to give advice to you then realized that you do NOT deserve ANY advice for scamming. ~Flint